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How to Get Out of a Reading Slump

Have you been on a roll, reading book after book, only to hit a snag and fall into a dreadful reading slump? It happens to us all. After deciding to DNF two books that I just didn't want to read, I found myself in a reading slump after having read almost 40 books for the year. But I'm getting myself out of it, and so can you. So, how does one get back to diving into must-read books with glee? Here are three tips.

Be Okay with the Break

Whether you tried to read a book you didn't connect with, or are tired, or any combination of factors, it's okay to get into a reading slump. Enjoy the break, and look forward to your next read being fabulous! In the meantime, watch a cool show, take a restful nap, or anything else you haven't been able to do because you were reading.

Go Back to What You Know, and Love

Sometimes, a reading slump is the result of trying to read something too different from what you're used to. It can be a different topic, trope, or even genre. Or, it's just a matter of timing. That beach read often doesn't hit the same when read in the winter, or vice versa. To get out of a reading slump, go back to something you know you'll love. It will draw you in immediately, and get you back to reading on the regular in no time.

Try Listening to an Audiobook

Now, don't get me wrong--there is nothing that compares to reading a physical book. The smell, the textures, the old school-ness of it all! But, things like eye strain, distractions, and available lighting can all throw you off from reading a book, even if it's great. In that case, try an audiobook. You can listen to it on it's own, or listen to it while you also read the physical copy. It will keep you focused, and entertained, especially if the narrator is rad and/or there are different actors/voices per character. Bonus points for being able to do other things, like cooking, or exercising, while also listening to an audiobook.

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